A new business. A new idea. This deserves to be protected.

The 5 steps

Let your business grow by using these 5 steps of the Pattern.

1: Infrastructure.
2: Marketing.
3: Sales.
4: Evaluation.
5: Optimalisation.

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Become a free member of and get acces to information about step 1 of the Pattern. This is part of the “infrastructure”. Via the website you can take knowledge of a few important basic tasks that every business needs to become an successful entrepreneur. You can sign up by this link.


When your customers are happy, your business (or idea) can develop.

Scoor meer omzet.

To help you score with earning more profit, i have 21 free video's available. To gain acces to these videos, the only thing you need to do is to fill in a form. Only your first name and e-mailadres is needed.

Via my website you can find more information.


You have scored, after your business (your idea) has proved itself in the market.